Australia’s First Business Delegation in Three Years to Visit China

A business delegation of 15 Australian company executives and local government officials will pay a goodwill visit to the industrial and commercial hub of Tianjin this week, the report said, in what will be the first Australian business delegation to mainland China in three years . Lay a good foundation for this year’s Sino-Australian international cooperation.

Three Years to Visit China (4) Three Years to Visit China (2)

From the perspective of fastener export, China’s main export countries/regions are Russia, India, the Middle East and other places. Countries in the southern hemisphere have received far less attention. Australia has a vast land area, a large population, and the economic level of developed countries, which attract us to explore this fastener market with great potential all the time.

Three Years to Visit China (3)

At present, the price of fasteners in Australia is high, which is very profitable for our manufacturers. Moreover, the climate in Australia is humid, so the requirements for screws are higher, and nails with strong anti-corrosion ability are needed. This kind of high-performance nails has high quality requirements and large profit margins, which is in line with our company’s sales direction.

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For the Australian market, we have strong confidence, excellent foreign trade salesmen, a variety of products, as a factory, strict control of product delivery and quality, a tacit team, etc., these are the reasons we compete for the Australian market chips.


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The sharp-point screw includes drywall screws, chipboard screws, self tapping screws, kinds of csk head, hex head, truss head, pan head, and pan framing head sharp-point screws.
The drill-point screw includes drywall screws drill point, csk head self drilling screws, hex head self drilling screws, hex head with self drilling screws with EPDM; PVC; or rubber washer, truss head self drilling screws, pan head self drilling screws and pan framing self drilling screws.
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Post time: Apr-26-2023