Practical Tips for Screws

Screws are a kind of common fasteners, its classification has a variety of common classification for mechanical screws, self-tapping screws, drill screws and expansion screws four.

Mechanical screws are mainly used in construction, automotive, machinery, electronics, aerospace and so on. Normal use will be matched with nuts, or have been pre-drilled holes for use of internal teeth.


Self-tapping screws are mainly used in construction, woodworking and decoration. Compared to mechanical screws, which require pre-drilling, self-tapping screws omit this step completely.


Self-drilling screws are mainly used in construction work, roofing, tin roofs etc. Before the development of drilling screws, most of the iron sheet metal can be pre-drilled, and some of the 1mm thin plate can barely be tapped into with self-tapping teeth, but wobbly. Therefore, most of the drilling screws were designed with fine teeth.


Expansion screws utilize wedge-shaped slant to induce expansion to produce friction grip force to achieve the fixing effect. It is generally used for the fastening of guardrails, canopies, air conditioners, etc. on concrete, brick and other materials.


Screws are categorized by head type, which can be divided into: semi-countersunk head, countersunk head, spherical cylindrical head, pan head, half-round head, hexagonal head and so on.

Screws also have many types of slots, the common ones are one-slot, cross-slot, hexagonal and so on.


The difference between screws and bolts

Screw is the more traditional term. The exact terms should be bolts, screws, and screw caps. Both bolts and screws are long, round objects with equally spaced threads.

Bolts have a flat cylindrical head; screws have a pointed front like a nail. Bolts must be used in conjunction with screw caps or on objects that have been drilled with threads.

Screws are used on softer or thinner objects, and are drilled forward with their own threads while rotating. Bolts have shallow, non-sharp threads; screws have sharp, deeper threads that facilitate drilling into the object.


XINRUIFENG Fastener's main products are sharp-point screws and drill-point screws.

The sharp-point screw includes drywall screws, chipboard screws, self tapping screws, kinds of csk head, hex head, truss head, pan head, and pan framing head sharp-point screws.

The drill-point screw includes drywall screws drill point, csk head self drilling screws, hex head self drilling screws, hex head with self drilling screws with EPDM; PVC; or rubber washer, truss head self drilling screws, pan head self drilling screws and pan framing self drilling screws.

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Post time: Jul-13-2023