XINRUIFENG is about to shine in the Canton Fair

During April 15-30, 2023, XINRUIFENG Fasteners company will attend the China Import and Export Fair.


During the 15-day exhibition period, our company will fully demonstrate the various advantages of our products to attract new customers, and the old customers we have cooperated with will also go to China to communicate with our salesmen and have a friendly communication, promote our products to new customers.


With the continuous increase of customers, the shipment volume has also increased significantly. Our company adheres to the attitude of being responsible to customers. In 2023, our factory has purchased a large number of production equipment, which largely guarantees our commitment to customers the delivery date.


In this exhibition, we want to show our high-quality product samples, our rigorous attitude towards product orders and our dedication to serving customers. Let customers feel from reality why we have created a year of 2022 earnings in just four months. Let customers truly experience the level of our company, feel at ease about products and services.


XINRUIFENG Fastener's main products are sharp-point screws and drill-point screws.

The sharp-point screw includes drywall screws, chipboard screws, self tapping screws, kinds of csk head, hex head, truss head, pan head, and pan framing head sharp-point screws.

The drill-point screw includes drywall screws drill point, csk head self drilling screws, hex head self drilling screws, hex head with self drilling screws with EPDM; PVC; or rubber washer, truss head self drilling screws, pan head self drilling screws and pan framing self drilling screws.

Excellent quality, competitive price, and timely delivery are the three pillars of our success. And We wish to establish a long-term partnership and reach a win-win with all our clients.

All the staff of Tianjin XINRUIFENG Fasteners wishes everyone happy labor day and hopes you get rich in the future.

Post time: Apr-11-2023