Black Phosphated Bugle Head Drywall Screw Tornillo

Production Description:

Head Type

Bugle Head

Thread Type

Fine Thread; Coarse Thread

Drive type

Phillip Drive


M3.5(#6) M3.9(#7) M4.2(#8) M4.8(#10)


From 13mm to 150mm




Black phosphate

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features

1. The Drywall Screw is characterized by a bugle head that features a flat top and a concave under-head bearing surface. For this reason, the Drywall Screw is also called Bugle Head Screw. This unique design enables the distribution of the bearing stress over a much wider area than is with a flat head screw.
2. The bugle head offers many benefits which are the followings:
● The bugle head screw has a smoother transition between the shank and the head, which avoids the material to get caught, resulting in a more attractive finish.
● The bugle head can depress sufficiently the surface of wood material without breaking it, which minimizes the risk of damage to the finished product.
● Like the countersunk head, the bugle head also makes the drywall screw lie flush in the material, which makes it a versatile fastener in numerous construction tasks.

Product  Parameter

Size(mm) Size(inch) Size(mm) Size(inch) Size(mm) Size(inch) Size(mm) Size(inch)
3.5*13 #6*1/2 3.5*65 #6*2-1/2 4.2*13 #8*1/2 4.2*102 #8*4
3.5*16 #6*5/8 3.5*75 #6*3 4.2*16 #8*5/8 4.8*51 #10*2
3.5*19 #6*3/4 3.9*20 #7*3/4 4.2*19 #8*3/4 4.8*65 #10*2-1/2
3.5*25 #6*1 3.9*25 #7*1 4.2*25 #8*1 4.8*70 #10*2-3/4
3.5*29 #6*1-1/8 3.9*30 #7*1-1/8 4.2*32 #8*1-1/4 4.8*75 #10*3
3.5*32 #6*1-1/4 3.9*32 #7*1-1/4 4.2*34 #8*1-1/2 4.8*90 #10*3-1/2
3.5*35 #6*1-3/8 3.9*35 #7*1-1/2 4.2*38 #8*1-5/8 4.8*100 #10*4
3.5*38 #6*1-1/2 3.9*38 #7*1-5/8 4.2*40 #8*1-3/4 4.8*115 #10*4-1/2
3.5*41 #6*1-5/8 3.9*40 #7*1-3/4 4.2*51 #8*2 4.8*120 #10*4-3/4
3.5*45 #6*1-3/4 3.9*45 #7*1-7/8 4.2*65 #8*2-1/2 4.8*125 #10*5
3.5*51 #6*2 3.9*51 #7*2 4.2*70 #8*2-3/4 4.8*127 #10*5-1/8
3.5*55 #6*2-1/8 3.9*55 #7*2-1/8 4.2*75 #8*3 4.8*150 #10*6
3.5*57 #6*2-1/4 3.9*65 #7*2-1/2 4.2*90 #8*3-1/2 4.8*152 #10*6-1/8


Drywall screw series is one of the most important categories in the entire fastener product line. This product is mainly used for the installation of various gypsum boards, lightweight partition walls and ceiling series.

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Tianjin Xinruifeng Technology Co., Ltd. has been in the fastener industry for nearly 20 years and we can customize all kinds of products per your requirements. We have an established management system and quality control procedure. Excellent quality, competitive price, and timely delivery are the pillars of the company’s foundation. Win-win and long-term cooperation is our final goals when dealing with different clients.


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Production Process

Raw Materials

Raw Materials


Thread Rolling

Cold Heading

Head Punching

Roduction 2

Heat Treatment

Point Forming

Point Forming

Roduction 3


Packaging & Transportation

Slice 05

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Payment terms

L/C, T/T, Others



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What are drywall screws?

Drywall screws usually are sharp point or drilling point self tapping screws, they are also named gypsum board screws. They are including fine thread drywall screws, coarse thread drywall screws and drilling point drywall screws. Fine thread drywall screws are used for fastening gypsum board to steel of less than 0.8mm thickness. Coarse thread drywall screws are used for fastening gypsum board to wood, and they are also used for furniture. Drilling point drywall screws are used for fastening gypsum board to steel of less than 2mm thickness.

What size are drywall screws?

Drywall screws usually have the following sizes.

Thread dia: #6, #7, #8, #10

Screw length: 13mm-151mm

Can I use drywall screws for wood?

You can use coarse thread drywall screws for wood. That is, you can use coarse thread drywall screws to fasten gypsum-board to wood, you also can use coarse thread drywall screws for furniture.

Can I use wood screws for drywall?

Wood screws are usually used for wood. But some customers also think that they are all wood screws for hex head wood screws, CSK head wood screws, CSK head chipboard screws and Coarse thread drywall screws. If your mentioned wood screws are coarse thread drywall screws, of course, they can be used for drywall.

How to install drywall screws?

You can use screwdriver to install drywall screws.

How to remove drywall screws?

You can use screwdriver to remove drywall screws.

Can I choose drywall screw color?

Yes, you can choose grey color, black color, blue white color, yellow color and other colors. If you choose grey phosphate, screw color is grey. If you choose black phosphate, screw color is black. If you choose zinc plated, screw color is blue white or yellow color. Of course, if you choose painting, Geomet or Ruspert, screw color is optional like red, blue, green, brown, black, grey, silver etc .

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