DIN Bulge Head Bulk Package and Box Package Coarse Thread Drywall Screw

Production Description:

Head Type Bugle Head
Thread Type Coarse Thread
Drive type Phillip Drive
Diameter M3.5(#6) M3.9(#7) M4.2(#8) M4.8(#10)
Length From 13mm to 254mm
Material 1022A
Finish Black/Grey phosphate; Yellow/White Zinc Plated

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Production Technology

Drywall screw:

1. Heat treatment: It is a method of heating steel to different temperatures and then using different cooling methods to achieve different purposes of changing the properties of steel. The commonly used heat treatments are: quenching, annealing, and tempering. What kind of effects will these three methods produce?

2. Quenching: A heat treatment method in which the steel is heated to above 942 degrees Celsius to make the steel crystals in austenitic state, and then immersed in cold water or cooling oil to quench to make the steel crystals in a martensitic state. This method can increase the strength and hardness of the steel. There is a very big difference in the strength and hardness of the steel with the same label after quenching and without quenching.

3. Annealing: A heat treatment method in which the steel is also heated to an austenitic state and then naturally cooled in air. This method can reduce the strength and hardness of the steel, improve its flexibility, and facilitate processing. Generally, steel will go through this step before processing.

4.  Tempering: Whether it is quenched, annealed or press-formed, steel will generate internal stress, and the imbalance of internal stress will affect the structure and mechanical properties of the steel from the inside, so a tempering process is required. The material is kept warm continuously at a temperature of more than 700 degrees, its internal stress is changed and then cooled naturally.

Detailed Picture

Bulge Head DIN Yulongjian Bulk and Box Package Coarse Thread Drywall Screw2
Bulge Head DIN Yulongjian Bulk and Box Package Coarse Thread Drywall Screw4
Bulge Head DIN Yulongjian Bulk and Box Package Coarse Thread Drywall Screw3

Product  Parameter

Size(mm) Size(inch) Size(mm) Size(inch) Size(mm) Size(inch) Size(mm) Size(inch)
3.5*13 #6*1/2 3.5*65 #6*2-1/2 4.2*13 #8*1/2 4.2*102 #8*4
3.5*16 #6*5/8 3.5*75 #6*3 4.2*16 #8*5/8 4.8*51 #10*2
3.5*19 #6*3/4 3.9*20 #7*3/4 4.2*19 #8*3/4 4.8*65 #10*2-1/2
3.5*25 #6*1 3.9*25 #7*1 4.2*25 #8*1 4.8*70 #10*2-3/4
3.5*29 #6*1-1/8 3.9*30 #7*1-1/8 4.2*32 #8*1-1/4 4.8*75 #10*3
3.5*32 #6*1-1/4 3.9*32 #7*1-1/4 4.2*34 #8*1-1/2 4.8*90 #10*3-1/2
3.5*35 #6*1-3/8 3.9*35 #7*1-1/2 4.2*38 #8*1-5/8 4.8*100 #10*4
3.5*38 #6*1-1/2 3.9*38 #7*1-5/8 4.2*40 #8*1-3/4 4.8*115 #10*4-1/2
3.5*41 #6*1-5/8 3.9*40 #7*1-3/4 4.2*51 #8*2 4.8*120 #10*4-3/4
3.5*45 #6*1-3/4 3.9*45 #7*1-7/8 4.2*65 #8*2-1/2 4.8*125 #10*5
3.5*51 #6*2 3.9*51 #7*2 4.2*70 #8*2-3/4 4.8*127 #10*5-1/8
3.5*55 #6*2-1/8 3.9*55 #7*2-1/8 4.2*75 #8*3 4.8*150 #10*6
3.5*57 #6*2-1/4 3.9*65 #7*2-1/2 4.2*90 #8*3-1/2 4.8*152 #10*6-1/8

After-sales Service

Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1: We are the manufacturer. We also have our professional Foreign Trade Team for servicing you. We provide 7x24 hours real-time video verification factory service.

Q2: What is your terms of payment ?
A2: 30%T/T in advance ,balance before shipment. And we also can accept L/C at sight payment terms.

Q3. Can you provide a sample?
A3: Yes, We can supply sample at free charge, but not including Express charge.

Q4. Can you provide Test Report?
A4: Yes, we can provide Factory Test Report for you at free charge from our company. And you also can afford cost to ask the Thirty Party like SGS, BV etc to Test your order before shipping.

Q5: Can you provide Technical support and After sales service?
A5: Yes, we can provide you the supply chain solution for Fastener products and We provide you the technical solution for Fastener Equipment. We also provide you the after sales service.

Q6: How do we can know more information for your factory?
A6: You can follow our YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, and Whatsapp etc because we continuously updates video about our company. You also can directly see our factory via Live Video of Skype,WeChat etc at working time.

Q7: How do we contact you?
A7: You can contact us via Email, also can via WeChat, Whatsapp, Skype, Made-in-China Message and Phone etc at your any time.

Q8: Can you finish customs clearance for order?
A8: Yes, we can finish Export customs clearance for your order in our country.

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